Trainers Trained at the Train the Trainer Training

Well, the day is done and after finishing a nice barbeque dinner with the SpiceTrainers, Nicole, Nic, and his wife I have retired back to the hotel to relax before my flight out tomorrow.

On Friday several of us arrived early and toured the new Spiceworks HQ building and got to see many of our friends in orange. I finally got a chance to meet both David Scammell and Jim Kubicek in person and shared a ride with them. We were formally introduced at the weekly Spiceworks employee meeting and got a chance to see a bit of what goes on behind the scenes at Spiceworks. My NDA prevents me from spilling secrets, but what I can ssay is that I am consistently impressed by the skills, professionalism, enthusiasm, and raw talent of Spiceworks employees. An incredible amount of work goes on behind the scenes to deliver the product that we use and keep it free. It is very obvious that Spiceworks is lead from the top down when you get to watch the founders and senior managers interacting and being engaged with a variety of initiatives within the company.

Today we arrived at Spiceworks HQ around 8:30 to begin our training. Nicole had provided well organized packets and planned out an agenda for the day, but had also allowed plenty of time for some special guest visits, including Jen, Nic, Tabrez, Jay, Cole, and SpiceRex himself. Our day began with breakfast and a welcome from ChiefSpice himself Scott Abel talking about the program and sharing his enthusiasm for the new Spice U program and his dreams of growing it to encompass thousands of users every year who can attend classes. Scott is someone I consider a visionary leader, and I admire him more every time I speak with him. He is fearless and willing to take risks to succeed, but he stands behind his team and allows them the freedom to innovate and a safety net if things go wrong. The rest of the morning was filled with logistics and Q & A, most of whic was hashing out details of things we had been discussing for a while electronically. After a relaxing lunch we covered some speaking tips for instructors and did a review of the slide deck for 101. The day was filled with a lot of laughter, great information, and a wonderful sense of comraderie.

In a few weeks Nicole will be opening the doors for new applicants to become SpiceTrainers, and I would encourage applying. Being a SpiceTrainer will be a lot of work, expect to invest 20-40 hours in fully learning the material for a class, a full day in training plus travel, and probably another 5-10 hours in sorting out logistics. The investment is worth it however since Spiceworks has created a very rewarding program with a lot of support for trainers and a generous compensation package. Watch the community for details on how to join the program.

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