San Fran 101 Recap

The first class in San Fransisco was incredible, Nicole and I had an early lunch and got to the venue a little before Noon to check things out. The space was good with a lobby area, seating for 24, and a projector and teachers station with plenty of space for my laptop and notes. For the first class every attendee got a Spice U T-Shirt and a set of SpiceNotes, so we placed notes on everyones desk and set up a space to hand out T-Shirts.

People began arriving about a half hour early and when 1:00 rolled around the room was filled. This first group was very engaged with more than half asking questions, mostly drill down on the topics presented. Speaking about Spiceworks was very easy, and I depended on notes less than I had expected to.

What I did find is that the pacing on the deck was a bit off with the way questions are asked, elaboration on topics presented in the overview were ended up bringing some topics from the second half to the first half. I the end I was able to keep things on pace finishing on time, but the first half ended up over two and a half hours.

Overall a great group and based on the feedback both on surveys and in person a successful first class.

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One Response to San Fran 101 Recap

  1. Bob Beatty says:

    Awesome Justin – I just spoke to Nicole a couple of hours ago via email and asked how things went – sounds like it went off without a hitch! Looking forward to hearing more about it this weekend.

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