Almost Time for 101

This post finds me sitting in the San Francisco International Airport just outside Gate 66 where in a little over half an hour Nicole and Ashley will be arriving. My laptop is loaded with the demo and presentation, my notes and printed and I did another full review on the plane from Pasco.

I don’t feel ready for the first class, but I have never felt ready for a presentation in my life and they have usually gone well. Last night I did a more thorough dry run with the slide deck in my hotel room and I am fairly comfortable with the demo and deck, with how well put together everything is the job will be easy.

Later on tonight I will post how the class went, but for now I am excited to begin and looking forward to meeting Nicole and seeing Ashley again.

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One Response to Almost Time for 101

  1. Paul Nadeau says:


    We are winding up the class right now and just wanted to say, good job. I know Nicole will give you the thumbs up but hey, as another user, I appreciate the insight. I love Spiceworks and will be deploying it in a bunch of school environments soon. So I hope to bug you soon about network scanning.

    Good job.

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