Full House, Empty House

The San Francisco class is now at capacity, so the first class will be a full house. I’m also working on the logistics for a three city tour at the end of April. So far Columbus is booked in terms of venue, so a registration page will be going up soon. Working on getting the logistics for D.C. and Minneapolis pulled together.

I made a good connection with New Horizons in Columbus, Jay, the gentleman I spoke to was extremely helpful and made the booking experience about as simple as I could imagine.

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One Response to Full House, Empty House

  1. Bob Beatty says:

    Justin – great posts – and thanks for the comment on New Horizons – a buddy of mine owns the New Horizons here in Kansas City and I didn’t even think of him until you mentioned that. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come monitor your first class – darn!!! I was hoping to see you in action and get a heads up on what the training should look like. Look forward to seeing you April 1st in Austin my friend!

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