Travel Plans

I’ve got travel booked for San Francisco and Austin for my first class and the train the trainer events. I’ll be doing a site visit to one of my companies west coast offices for three days before San Fran, so instead of an 8 hour travel day before starting classes I will have a more relaxed 2 hour flight. Next step will be getting tentative venues and booking travel to Minneapolis, Columbus, and DC for my round of April trainings. If it hasn’t already started this week will mark the beginning of the advertising and marketing for the San Fran Spiceworks 101 class.

This morning I got to hear a few words from Nicole about the Spiceworks U program at a meeting of higher pepper level community members. For those of you below Thai one of the rewards of participation is being invited to monthly meetings to help shape the community. I am anxious to see who will become the second generation of Spice U Trainers.

Right now it is the calm before the storm for the initial group of SpiceTrainers, but very soon it will ramp up and this program will be live. Four weeks from tomorrow will be the very first Spice U class. I’m a bit nervous but very excited to conducting it, I can’t think of a better audience than 20 odd SpiceHeads.

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