The beginning of the SpiceTrainer adventure

In this blog I will be sharing my experience as a Spiceworks SpiceTrainer, from how I became involved in the program to the details of Spice U classes I teach.

A few weeks ago Nicole at Spiceworks reached out to me for an introduction and to talk about her ideas for a new training program. We scheduled a call for Friday afternoon to talk about things.

The first thing that I noticed about Nicole was her enthusiasm and energy, it was very obvious that she was working on a project that she really enjoyed. She shared her idea of expanding on the boot camps and involving trainers from the community so that more trainings could be conducted in more areas. I was hooked, after talking to Nicole I knew she was a woman I wanted to work with and this was going to be a great way to spread Spiceworks.

I found out that I would be joining Darren Schoen and David Scammell as the initial pilot group of SpiceTrainers. I had the pleasure of meeting Darren at SpiceWorld 2010 and the challenge of following him as a SpiceSpeaker. I know David by reputation and his community postings, but haven’t had the chance to meet him in person yet. I am honored to be selected for this opportunity and could not be in better company.

Nicole went off to work on more details with the Spiceworks team, a week and a half later we reconvened to discuss details. I found out the date of the official announcement and we began working on plans for a train the trainer session and getting some initial Spice U classes going. I can’t share too many details yet, but what I can say is that if all goes well I will be on the road to some interesting places and we will be trying to coordinate with several SpiceCorp groups in the Northeastern US to have trainings and meetings on the same day.

After keeping all of this quiet for most of a month I finally got to join the public celebration after the new programs was officially revealed. This is going to be a fun ride.

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3 Responses to The beginning of the SpiceTrainer adventure

  1. Nicole says:

    So great to have you on board as one of our very first SpiceTrainers! We’re going to have a lot of fun getting this show on the road!

  2. Nice post, thanks for letting us know what it is like piloting this program. I’m sure it will be a good resource for folks who are contemplating joining as trainers.

  3. Bob Beatty says:

    Awesome blog Justin – can’t wait to get started with you guys on SpiceWorks newest project! I think this is going to be BIG!

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